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EFormConnect™ is an application that provides a way to seamlessly fill out forms, capture form data, and electronically sign forms. Both forms and data can be distributed electronically throughout the entire enterprise via secured network connections.

EFormConnect™ is distributed as an Application Service. OnLine Business Solutions LLC will work closely with your form creators to ensure form data is captured to your precise specifications. As part of the OnLine Business Solutions LLC Database Hosting and Application Service, valuable form processing functions include:

  • Balloon Help
  • Data Entry Validation
  • Auto-fill of specified data
  • Business Process Analytics
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Customized Reporting

After your customized eForm-Connect™ package has been created, it is available on a customer-specific web site (e.g.,

Once the system is enabled, your forms are available for fill out, signing, and printing.

As forms are filled out and saved, data is captured into a professionally designed database and made available for future access and edits.

This database, whether shared locally or globally, makes forms and the data captured in them instantly available to anyone on your database network.

Now your form processing can be ENTIRELY PAPERLESS!