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See how cost-effective our paperless solutions can be!


Our process for digitizing your paper forms is as simple as 1-2-3. We digitize, optimize, and test your new forms before delivering them to you. Take a look at how this process will benefit your business…


Step 1: Digitize Your Forms

An EFormConnect™ customer emails the electronic file(s) of the form(s) to be computerized. These can be in Word, PDF, WordPerfect or any other commercial or public domain file format.



Step 2: Optimize Your New Digital Forms

OnLine Business Solutions LLC acknowledges receipt of the files and provides a quotation (free of charge) for the production of a customized EFormConnect™ package. Within 1 business day, after the initial quote is delivered, a work order will be developed. Our analysts evaluate your form’s functions, and correspond directly with you to make sure:

  • Each field to be filled out on your form has been identified;
  • Standard field computations and validations have been verified;
  • We have recommended or inquired about further, more complex field/form
    computations, validations, pre-fill criteria, etc.

When the work order is finalized and payment (50% of quoted price) is received, production begins on your customized EFormConnect™ package.


Step 3: Test & Deliver Your New Digital Forms

Once production is complete, the customized EFormConnect™ package is installed on a customer-specific web site (e.g.,

After delivery, the customer then begins a 30-day beta testing period. OnLine Business Solutions LLC provides a 50% money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their EFormConnect™ package within 30 days.